Felted Wool Slippers

Your Nuna slippers are wool felt and entirely handmade. 

Wool has lots of properties, it regulates temperature, it's hypoallergenic, it naturally insulates, and it's breathable. We believe that there is no need to regularly wash them. Just air your felted wool slippers out and keep them dry. When they get dusty, remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner.

If you still feel like washing them, every once in a while we recommend using wool soap and wash them by hand in cold water. Remove excess water with a towel. After washing, put the wet wool slippers on your feet for a few minutes so they reshape to your feet, and lay them flat to dry.

We do not recommend washing them in a washing machine. You can risk misshaping your felted wool slippers and shrinking them.

Please Note: Washing your Nuna slippers is entirely at your own risk

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