Handcrafted in Peru, the art of these artisans has been in their blood for as far back as they can remember, being passed on from parents to children for generations. Their passion is not only for the art but for working alongside their families, which is why we love collaborating so closely with them. Their love for their art is reflected in the unique and outstanding jewelry brought for you. Inspired by nature, they are a mix of heritage and minimalism turned into modern pieces of sterling silver, upcycled wood, and beautiful gemstones.

Many of our pieces were sourced from small-scale mines where responsible practices are promoted, supervised, and create a fair market are care for the environment. 

Every gemstone is unique, and since they are natural stones you can expect variations in their shapes and markings.

Upcycled wood is simple wood with a past life used for a new purpose, for this reason, the color from one design to another can be slightly different.



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