Alpaca Wool Knitwear

Our baby alpaca wool products are made in the Peruvian Central Highlands by a group of artisans who provide support to over 40 families, creating a sustainable positive impact on their community. Their weaving techniques come from the knowledge passed down over hundreds of years, using the finest quality fibers.

Our knitwear collection showcases the finest handwoven baby alpaca wool wraps, ponchos, scarves, gloves, shawls, and hats. We also blend silk with some of our scarves and shawls, creating a luxurious accessory for every season.  

Recently we started working with a new group of moms that knit gorgeous sweaters and hats using a blend of alpaca wool for warmth and acrylic for functionality, empowering artisans is our main goal, and thanks to you we can work with more than one group of artisans.

These alpaca wool products are pieces you will be able to wear for many years. We get excited when we wear them and hope you feel the same way when you do as well.




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