Can you wear alpaca wool in Summer?

Can you wear alpaca wool in Summer?

Doesn’t that sounds crazy ??? … There’s so much to learn.

We normally relate wool to cold seasons such as fall or winter, but the truth is that the right wool can be worn all year round. Alpaca wool is a great temperature regulator.

 Alpacas are south America camelids that can be found mostly between 3500m and 5000m above sea level. Alpacas have evolved and adapted to live in such extreme hot and cold climates, facing very harsh conditions, which is why their fur is very strong, durable, and has the highest quality. Their fur allows them to have a permanently appropriate coat to protect them against the extreme changes in temperature. These same qualities apply to humans who wear alpaca textiles. Alpaca fiber is breathable and wicks the moisture away to regulate body temperature. This amazing fiber contain microscopic air pockets that gives the fiber

amazing insulation, keeping you warm in cold temperature and letting the fiber breathe keeping you cool in the warmer months. Alpaca wool retains its properties even when it gets wet. It is naturally windproof, anti-bacterial, and odor resistant.


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