Why Alpaca Wool is such an Amazing Fiber?... Learn about the Benefits and Characteristics!

Just a few days ago I was showing some friends our new alpaca collection for this season. While they fell in love with the softness of the fiber, they started asking questions about the differences and qualities of alpaca fiber compare to other types. It is true that today Alpaca wool is well known worldwide and considered one of the most luxurious and finest fibers in the world, but some people are just getting to know “The Gold of the Andes” or ”Fiber of Gods” as some people call it.

Peru has more than 5,000 years of textile tradition! Centuries ago the Incan civilization value this incredible fiber, in fact, it was a social class symbol worn only by the Incan Nobel class. Today, some of these textiles can be found in museums. It's amazing to see how they haven’t lost their color, shape, and form after thousands of years.

Nowadays, alpaca clothing is chosen by many famous designers and can be appreciated in the most famous catwalks around the world. It is easy to understand why, since Alpaca fiber has a multitude of positive qualities.

Alpaca wool is completely hollow inside, whereas Sheep wool only has hollow pockets. This additional space creates a greater thermal capacity and allows for more warm air to fill the textile, get trapped, and provide extra warmth over sheep wool.

It is hypoallergenic because it lacks lanolin, which can irritate some people's skin.

Some other interesting facts about alpaca wool:

    • It's resistant to UV radiation.
    • It's water-resistant and wicks away body moisture. like all wool, it will keep you warm when wet.
    • It's naturally windproof.
    • It's flame-resistant.
    • The alpaca wool fiber is stronger than sheep fiber.
    • Alpaca products will not shrink if you follow proper care. 
    • Their wool also comes in 22 natural colors, with more than 300 shades 

.......…so if you take care of it can be with you for a very long time


I mentioned in a different blog entry that alpacas live mostly between 3500m and 5000m above sea level. They have adapted to live in such extreme climates, facing very harsh conditions, which is why their fur is very strong, durable, and is of top quality. Their fur allows them to have a permanently appropriate coat to protect them against the extreme changes in temperature. These same qualities apply to humans who wear alpaca textiles. 

Alpaca wool is also a sustainable product and environmentally friendly. Alpacas are sheared once a year and the animals are not harmed during the shearing process. Their hooves are softly padded reducing environmental impact damage to the landscape. Also, when they eat they cut off the top of the plant, unlike some other animals that pull the root out, destroying the vegetation.  

If you are looking for more socially conscious and sustainable products that can last you many years - products you can wear with pride, look no further than the ALPACA!