How to Care for Your Baby Alpaca Products

We want you to enjoy your products as much as possible, so we will give you a few detailed instructions so you have the tools to extend their life. The better the care you give them - the longer they will be with you.

You don’t need to wash your alpaca products all the time. They just need a bit of fresh air to cleanse them from odors - leave them to air out in a nice ventilated room.

To hand-wash them, use cold water no more than 30 degrees Celcius, and mild soap or even better baby shampoo. Do not use chlorine bleach or Woolite otherwise they will damage your alpaca products.

Soak your garment for a few minutes. Gently move the water around the jumper - do not be tempted to be too rough on them. 

Rinse in the same temperature clean cold water a few times, do not wring or twist, instead gently remove the excess of water with your hands after that you can use a towel to absorb the rest of the water by putting your garment on it.  Reshape it and roll it up to softly press the water out.

Use a dry towel to lay your garment out flat to dry in the shade.

If you see that it has a few wrinkles we recommend you to use a steam iron in a gentle setting to get rid of them.

Give it a good cleaning before you store your folded alpaca garments in a drawer. If you hang them they could stretch and misshape. The best way to keep moths and pests away is by putting lavender bundles with them and store them. Store them in a cotton bag, paper bag, pillowcase to keep them aerated (don’t ever use plastic). You can also place cedar chips in the storage area.

If you rather dry clean your products don’t forget to bring the label care with you.