Quechua Language: The ancient Language behind our Collection

When you were reading the names of our products did you think that they sounded different or unusual?.... You were right! We've chosen Quechua names for our first collection.

What is Quechua?

Quechua or Runasimi ("peoples language") is a native language spoken in Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, and Chile. It is slightly different from one country to the other and it was the official language during Inca Times.

Approximately 13-19% in Peru, a country of over 32 million people can speak Quechua today. While it's mostly learned at home and Spanish at school, nowadays you can even learn Quechua online and it seems that in the last few years the Quechua spoken population has increased.

In 1975 Peru was the first country to recognize Quechua as an official language. Later, in 2006 and 2009 Ecuador and Bolivia followed in Peru's footsteps. 

According to the philosophy of the Andes, people carry the names of the grand manifestations of nature and life. In case you are curious about the meaning of the Quechua names your garments have we have included a list for you.


Asiri: Smile

Achiq: Light, bright

Achiyaku: Clear Water

Atik: Winner

Chaska: Star

Chaski: Messenger

Chikan: Unique

Coya: Queen

Hakan: Splendid

Inkasisa: Royal Flower

Illary: Rainbow

Inti: Sun

Kasik: Peace

Killa: Moon

Kuna: To give

Kusy: Happy

Kumya: Thunder

Llankay: Work

Mayu: River

Munay: Pretty

Nuna: Soul, spirit

Nina: Fire

Poma: Powerful

Pacha: Earth

Paqari: Dawn

Qispi: Free

Qori: Gold

Raymi: Celebration

Rimak: Eloquent

Samin: Fortunate

Suyana: Hope

Sumak: Pretty

Sunqu: Heart

Sami: Success

Sacha: Wild

Suyai: Hope

Sinchi: Brave

Samincha:  Blessed

Taki: Song, music

Tika: Flower

Urma: The one that drops good things in her path

Urpi: Dove

Wara: Twilight

Wayta: Flower

Yanaymi: Beloved

Yanay: Beloved

FUN FACT: Besides Nature addicts, we are also animal lovers and we have a beautiful GSD named Nuna, just like her name she has a great adventurous spirit and a love for the mountains.