What is Baby Alpaca Wool?

Baby Alpaca Wool

Alpacas are sheared once a year in the spring, in each shearing you can obtain roughly 5 to 10 pounds of fleece. It is very common to think that baby alpaca wool comes literally from a baby animal and why wouldn't you believe that, after all, that's what the name says.


Baby alpaca wool is not taken from a baby, it refers usually to a one-year-old alpaca and is related to the thickness of the fiber. It comes from the first shearing, right after that their hair starts growing thicker. 

Baby alpaca hair is 22.5 microns wide, lightweight and strong. It comes from the underside of the neck of the animal, where the wool is the softest. It is highly valued in the industry and is considered a luxurious fiber. 

The Alpaca fiber we used in our products comes from Inca Tops, a Peruvian company that in a responsible way has developed the production of alpaca yarns with the best quality and with the most eco-friendly processes. They are also involved in social responsibility programs.